Mobile & Offsite Printing

You can print virtually any document or webpage from your Internet-connected desktop, laptop, or mobile device to a library printer by uploading your print job through our PrinterOn service. To retrieve your job, just enter your email address at the print release terminal at your library. 

There are three ways of printing using the PrinterOn service: e-mail, mobile app or web browser, as outlined below: 

Send Your Job by Email

Select your neighborhood library below and click on the PrinterOn link. (Notice there is an option for black and white or color printer):

Printing From a Phone or Tablet with the PrinterOn App

To print from a phone or tablet, you must first download the PrinterOn app from the app store. Once downloaded, select the printer for the appropriate location. A search for Anaheim will reveal all the locations in the City of Anaheim where you can release your print job, including all the Anaheim Public Libraries. Now you can select documents, pictures, or web pages from your phone or tablet, and send them to our print release stations. You will need to enter an
e-mail address when sending the job, as this will be your login code for retrieving your print job. Print photos and webpages easily with the PrinterOn app; just follow the steps below:
Get the App for your device
  1. Visit your mobile device's app store. Search for PrinterOn and install free app.
  2. Open the app and configure your printer settings by clicking on the No Printer Selected button.
  3. Use the location search feature to find your library.
  4. Once you've located your library, tap on the location icon which will redirect you to the library's PrinterOn page. To save this location for future use, tap the Save button. Then, use the Back button until your are at the app's homepage.
  5. Tap the No Printer Selected button to see a list of your newly saved locations. Tap your library and you will be redirected to the app's homepage.
  6. Tap on Photos to send photos or tap Web to print webpages and files.
  7. Once you're ready to print, click the Printer icon. Update any page settings and select the number of pages to print. Click Print.
  8. Enter your email address and finalize your print job. View your Print History to view details about your print job.
  9. To retrieve your job, visit the library and go to the print release terminal. Simply enter your email address to retrieve your print(s). 
  2. Enter your email address (this will be used to login to the Print Release Station).
  3. Select your Document. You can either upload a document or type in a webpage address.
  4. Select Print Option and page layout (As Saved, Portrait, or Landscape).
    Click on arrow to proceed.
  5. Click on the PRINTER SYMBOL to send to the PRINT RELEASE STATION
  6. Wait for the "Your request has been processed" message.
    If the browser is closed before this appears, the print job will not be sent!
  7. Simply enter your email address to retrieve your print(s).